Nutri Smoothie
    With the goodness of oats, quinoa flakes, almonds and milk, this is a complete and wholesome meal that would not only fill you up but also provide you with all the required nutrients in one glass. High in protein, this smoothie is a great option for our gym lovers who are working on those muscles

    Easy to make, read how
    Take two scoops of the Nutriplate Nutri Smoothie Powder mix and blend it with coconut water/milk/yogurt and some fresh fruits of your choice. Garnish with some fresh fruits and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal in a glass. Refrigerate for best taste

    Benefits: High in protein, Great for gym lovers who are working on those muscles

    Packaging: 25 Grams @ INR 50    Buy now on: Amazon

    Manufactured By: Nutriplate India

    Tags: Healthy Food, Homemade Products, Weight Lose Diet

Packaging: Pack of 6 (25 Grams Each) @ INR 275
Buy now on: Amazon
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