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The Idea
It’s common to sleep late, wake up just in time to get ready and rush to work to start a new day. What is ignored the most while we are part of this rat race is the food we eat all day. How does one find time to eat healthy and meet deadlines? We, at Nutriplate, understand the basic problem and aim to offer you quick fix meals that have enough nutrition, so the health bit is taken care of and immense taste, so you don’t have to associate health to boring food anymore.

The Reason
Various studies on India’s meal pattern suggest that breakfast and evening snack are the unhealthiest meals of the day. While lunch and dinner would include a high protein and low sugar diet, the other two meals are proving to be a deal-breaker in India. Junk and refined foods have replaced complex carbs and easy snack items like processed and packaged food or fried takeaways are popular options among Indians. The hectic lifestyle has made it almost impossible for us to care about what we eat. When it is ideally dinnertime in every other country, India, at about 7pm, sits down to have their daily tea along with chips, namkeen and biscuits.

The Result
Under-nutrition and Over-nutrition. Indians have been consuming fat and calories far more than actually required by the body and vitamins and other nutrients a lot lesser. As a result, heart diseases, diabetes and joint problems have become common lifestyle diseases every other one of us is facing. Snacks are low in protective nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, which is increasing our risk of developing metabolic abnormalities and obesity.

The Necessity
A balanced diet. It is extremely important to understand the requirements of your body. The right foundation to good health is to choose food products rich in nutrients with a balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and a little bit of fat as well.

The Product
Nutriplate has identified the above problems and is aiming to introduce healthy options for breakfast and evening meals. No time or energy to invest in lavish meals and count the calories you’re consuming? We got you covered. Try our healthy and appetizing variants of granolas, nutri-nibblers and smoothies let us keep track of the calories you consume.

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